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For anyone interested in knowing more about the vast, complex world of art crime, A Year in Provenance will now feature a links page, comprising the best resources on the internet. The global presence of the internet in the digital era may become the pivotal tool for reversing trafficking trends and protecting the world’s cultures, and this links page will try to provide the best sites for finding out about any facet of this interdisciplinary field: news items, ethical codes, threatened sites, missing art, repatriation efforts, and the list goes on. Since the difficulty of the internet is not finding information, but sifting through it, each link will be added along with a short post on what to find on the site, what it does best, and what to use it for.

Click to visit the IARC

One of the original, and best projects dedicated to protecting archaeology, on site and in the world, is the University of Cambridge’s Illicit Antiquities Research Centre. Though the project is not currently active, the information on the site’s few pages is outstanding, and a brilliant place to begin discovering the archaeological side of art crime. The About Illicit Antiquities pages are the best introduction to the subject I have found; the issues of their journal, Culture Without Context, available for download, are excellent and still valuable; the Links page can take one deeper into anything one wishes. The people of this project were among the pioneers seriously presenting this issue to the academic world, and I have immense respect for them and the work they have done.