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Announcing Markham Caerus on Patreon!

When I first timidly started a blog, my mentor stressed that everything on the internet evolves, blogs no exception. And working on A Year in Provenance led both the nature of the blog and the research behind it in unexpected directions. AYIP began with the Markham Caerus project, to study art crime in both fine art and archaeology, and that project has evolved into something bigger and more ambitious, and that new scope needed a new platform. Public education, awareness, and insight are now a major focus, and Markham Caerus has found a new way to achieve that through Patreon.

Patreon is an interactive platform designed to help creators engage with and be supported by their audiences. Originally conceived for artists, it has expanded to become an exciting setting for many kinds of projects, especially those that fall outside conventional definitions. It is like a blog, in that creators post their work and ideas regularly for their fans, but unlike a blog, patrons (like you), can now help their favourite creators continue doing great work by signing up for what are basically subscriptions.

On Markham Caerus Patreon, there are three current levels of patronage available, with three more planned to launch this fall. Signing up at the Curious level is only $1 per month and gives you access to all the written posts that I produce. Higher levels give greater rewards, like personal emails and the chance to request specific topics, and upcoming levels will be added with the development of new features like podcasts and video. But you can also still treat it like a blog: with a Patreon account, you can sign up to follow Markham Caerus on Patreon’ page and get all the free, public posts delivered to your inbox.

I will regularly post free content open to all, because sharing information and resources is what this project is all about, and I am grateful for everyone who is interested in this topic, and takes the time to find out a little more. For those who go further and become Patrons, you will get access to much more content, deeper analysis, and you will help me improve this idea of showing people how important cultural preservation is. The financial support that Patreon can provide will help me devote even more time to research, and reach more people with a fascinating topic that they never knew existed.

There will be a few more posts on AYIP as I transition fully to this new platform, and some of the best posts here will find new life as public posts on Patreon. What to Expect is a new public post, visible just like blog posts here, and will give you an idea of what my Patreon page will cover, and what is coming next. For more information on Patreon itself, try About Patreon, or go to patreon.com if you want information on starting your own project. Please do check out Markham Caerus on Patreon and please do tell me what you think. This project is just beginning and I would love to tailor it to my loyal readers and my brand new Patrons.